A real dream team –
our team-building activities.

Do you want to strengthen your team spirit among colleagues? We also offer seminars on personality development, conflict management and training for employees and managers. Together through the high ropes course, the abyss at your feet or merely armed with map and compass through nature – a variety of exciting, thrilling and above all team-strengthening activities await you. Our partner Naturwärts supports us in the planning and implementation of individual events tailored to your goals and wishes.


Indoor Adventures.
Team games and cooperation tasks.

Strengthening team spirit and improving communication – these are the major goals that are achieved through solving tasks together in a playful way. Indoors and thus weather-independent or if required also gladly outdoor the participants are placed before tasks, which they can master only together in the team. Finding solutions and playfully strengthening cohesion: this is how colleagues become real partners.


Ahoi, sailors –
build a raft together

A raft is to be made from canisters, ropes and pallets. So the specifications. Everything else and the “how” is the task of the individual teams. Ultimately, the work hand in hand and a focus on the essentials lead to a productive result. The highlight is definitely the final maiden voyage. Is the raft seaworthy? Which team has rounded the lake faster?

High up –
the climbing tree.

It does not always have to be mountains that you climb in everyday life. Trees can also be climbed. Conquer our built climbing course in a team, which consists of individually attached climbing holds and optional mobile rope structures on or above the ground. Trust is the key word here – because colleagues secure the climber from the ground.

Outdoor adventure –
mobile rope structures in nature.

Crossing a small ravine or a stream without getting your feet wet? Cohesion, communication and creativity are required here. Only together can the path be mastered. Whether with a rope bridge they have attached themselves or a slackline – the participants build their own course, which they then have to master themselves.

Back to the roots –
Forest and cross-country rallies.

Like true survivalists: exploring the terrain using only a map and compass. The team is sent on an adventurous path through nature, which they can only climb as a group. Small tasks in between provide the special challenge. The fun is guaranteed!


Indian word of honor –
our Mohawk Walk connects.

In our low ropes course it gets tricky and adventurous – ropes are stretched at a height of about 50 cm between several trees. The task: to follow the path without any aids and without descending. And that together in a team. A challenge that unites.

Price list for our teambuilding activities

Prices include the currently valid VAT. Maximum 12 participants. For larger groups price by arrangement.

half day full day
Indoor 525,00 € 895,00 €
Outdoor 625,00 € 1.150,00 €
Tree climbing 725,00 € 1.350,00 €
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