4. April 2022

Safety and hygiene concept

Safety and hygiene concept

(Status 03.04.2022)

To protect our guests and staff, hygiene has the highest priority. Therefore, we have tightened our hygiene guidelines to ensure everyone’s safety.



  • Our staff have all been trained on the current behavioural and hygiene guideline
  • All staff wear at least one medical mouth-nose protection indoors
  • All staff members have the opportunity to take a quick test on a regular basis
  • All cleaning and disinfection work has been intensified
  • We continue to recommend our guests to wear at least one medical mouth-nose mask in the public areas
  • Masks can be purchased at the reception desk
  • We continue to recommend compliance with the 1.5 m distance rule in all areas
  • The following persons are excluded from visiting:
    • Persons with confirmed SARS-CoV2 infection.


Entrance area

  • At peak times we leave our doors open for optimal air circulation
  • We have disinfectant dispensers available at the entrance area
  • The behavioural recommendations for our guests are clearly displayed


  • A plexiglass pane at the reception counter protects our guests and employees
  • The reception counter is regularly damp-wiped and disinfected
  • Contactless payment is possible
  • Overnight guests receive an information letter with the most important instructions
  • The room keys are disinfected each time they are returned
  • The ballpoint pens for our guests are regularly disinfected
  • Hygiene articles can be purchased at the reception desk
  • Rental charging cables are disinfected


Lobby and public area

  • Disinfection dispensers are located at all entrances to the houses, in front of the restaurant, in front of the meeting rooms and at the entrance to the beer garden
  • All door handles and other grip surfaces are regularly damp cleaned and disinfected
  • The public toilets are cleaned and disinfected several times a day
  • The lift should only be used by one person at a time. A notice is placed on all lift doors
  • The lift control panels are regularly damp cleaned and disinfected



  • A disinfection dispenser is located at the entrance to the restaurant
  • Guests are seated by us. A notice is located at the entrance
  • The restaurant is thoroughly ventilated on a regular basis and a permanent air circulation is ensured
  • The terrace can be used in fine weather
  • With conference groups we agree on fixed time slots for meals
  • Disposable gloves and tongs are available for use at the breakfast buffet
  • Lunch and dinner are served as a menu for groups
  • The tables are primarily cleared when the guests have left the table



  • Disinfection dispensers are located in front of all conference rooms
  • The speakers/responsible persons are reminded to ensure sufficient ventilation on a regular basis
  • During the break, all contact surfaces are cleaned and disinfected.


Coffee break

  • A fixed time slot for coffee breaks is agreed with conference groups
  • Contact surfaces are regularly cleaned and disinfected



  • The rooms are only cleaned at the request of the guests. This is requested upon arrival
  • The staff wears protective masks for the mouth and nose during cleaning
  • We only work with permanent staff
  • All handles (door handles, light switches, surfaces, bathroom fittings, toilets, etc.) are damp cleaned and disinfected with virucidal agents
  • The rooms are ventilated during cleaning


Wellness area

  • Registration and issuing of keys takes place at the reception
  • In the entire wellness area we recommend keeping a minimum distance of 1.5 m
  • In the sauna cabin we recommend a minimum distance of 1.5 m
  • Guests must sit on a towel in the sauna cabin
  • The sauna cabin must be operated at a temperature of at least 60°C
  • The infrared cabin, the whirlpool and the outdoor shower remain closed
  • The loungers in the relaxation and outdoor areas are placed at a distance of at least 1.5 m from each other


Fitness area

  • It is recommended that the minimum distance of 1.5 m is maintained.
  • Hands are to be disinfected after entering the fitness area
  • The equipment is cleaned and disinfected regularly.
  • The equipment is to be cleaned by the guest after use with the available surface disinfection.




Safety and hygiene concept

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